Security & Monitoring

How safe is your data? We cannot claim this is Fort Knox but we do have guard dogs, security systems and cameras on premises. Our network is guarded by a DDoS mitigation system, Malicious IP address blocking, state of the art Cisco 5500 series Adaptive Security Appliances and SOURCEfire IPS's in place with RNA, which will help to prevent hacking attacks to our network and servers. For more information on our SOURCEfire system, click here.

To protect our clients even further we have installed daily updated web application firewall (WAF) rules to give our shared web hosting customers protection of their websites, applications, and data from malicious users seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in web based software.

We also have on our shared hosting servers per user virtualizaiton, each user's file system is effectively isolated into its own virtual environment preventing one user from seeing any other users or their files on the server. This creates a new level of security, making it much more difficult for hackers to attack, deface, or steal data from customers.


Monitoring is monitored 24/7. We run redundant monitoring servers that monitor each piece of equipment on our network. Our monitoring is so advanced it will notify our NOC (network operating center) if there is any issues with our switches, routers, servers, bandwidth, etc. so we can proactively handle potential problems. This type of proactive monitoring ensures our clients the most possible uptime available.


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