Sun Energized Green Hosting
Solar Enerygy


All life on our planet is powered by the sun in some way. Let your web site thrive on the planet’s abundant supply of renewable energy, the sun, and host your web site using our on-site solar panels for a clean tomorrow, starting today.

Solar Lighting


Mother nature provides free lighting, why not use it! By using mirrored tubes and windows to harness the suns wonderful rays, we bring in natural solar light and focus the rays of the sun for the most effective use in our building.


Air Powered
Water Fueled

According to the EPA


Every year's

solar panel system will eliminate the production of:
  • 34,488
    lbs of Carbon Dioxide
  • 50.6
    lbs of Nitrogen Oxide
  • 37.4
    lbs of Sulfate
    (SO4/Acid Rain)
  • This is the equivalent of planting 8 acres of trees per year or driving a vehicle for 38,216 miles per year.
  • Did You Know ?

    The United States is the #1 trash producing country in the world. We produce 1,600 pounds of trash per person every year.
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