Water Fueled Green Hosting
 Green Hosting powered via Air Cooling


We looked to mother nature for inspiration in cooling and found it. Renewable, atmospheric energy in the air is used by our air conditioning systems which works similar to a thunderstorm, instead of large amounts of fossil fuels required by vapor (refrigerant) compression air conditioning systems found in most data centers. You could say, AISO is using air conditioners that are a thunderstorm in a box.

heat island

Heat Island Effect

The sun produces rays of solar heat to warm the earth, our houses and our water. The solar radiation reaching objects that are not reflective on earth causes solar radiation (heat) to be absorbed, called Albedo, which raises the surrounding air temperature and causes a heat island effect. To combat this we have painted our building completely white.

Green clean Air

Cleaner Air

We value clean air and to make sure surrounding city air is clean we have chosen a backup generator that runs on propane gas. Propane gas is cleaner burning which prevents dirty air in our environment, compared to diesel gas which is found at most other hosting companies.

Green Internet


Our data center uses both fiber optic and FCC licensed wireless links to provide the best possible redundancy. To prevent a fiber cut that we have employed wireless Internet which uses the air instead of the ground for our Internet conductivity.

Green Computers


Our air conditioning system uses pressure to force air from outside of our building into our server room. We have taken these already existing pressures and will be installing a mini wind turbine. The wind turbine installed in the ducting is used to generate electricity to charge batteries, 24 hours a day. The batteries then supply power that powers our 5 watt thin client computers used by our employees in our office.

The Aiso.network

water fueled
Air Powered

According to the EPA


Every year AISO.net's

solar panel system will eliminate the production of:
  • 34,488
    lbs of Carbon Dioxide
  • 50.6
    lbs of Nitrogen Oxide
  • 37.4
    lbs of Sulfate
    (SO4/Acid Rain)
  • This is the equivalent of planting 8 acres of trees per year or driving a vehicle for 38,216 miles per year.
  • Did You Know ?

    Recycling all of your home's waste newsprint, cardboard, glass, and metal can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 850 pounds a year.
Clients that rely on AISO.net green hosting services: