SolarCloud Hosting - Overview

With AISO's Solar Powered Cloud Green VPS Hosting, you get what you want when you need it. Make a new server for web site staging and four new servers for web site production. Delete one and create two more. You manage it all from a simple easy to use interface!

How it works

Choose Your Cloud Server Plan
Cloud servers can be pre-configured with allotments of CPU, RAM, Disk and Bandwidth with our monthly VPS plans. Or you can choose to customize and build the servers yourself with our On-Demand plan.

Configure Your Cloud Server
With our pre-configured monthly plans you can add more RAM, Disk, and Bandwidth, if needed. With our On-Demand service you can configure your cloud servers just how you like. You can select how much CPU, CPU Share, RAM, Disk, OS, Port Speed and more for as many servers as you like.
Your Server is Online in Just a Few Minutes
Within minutes your server is built to your specs. After the server is built you can use our online control panel and/or API to downgrade, upgrade, add or remove servers as your needs change. You can even manage your on-demand service on-the-go via your iPhone.

SolarCloud Computing starting at $39.95/month or 1.4¢/hour

Pricing for SolarCloud Servers starts at $39.95 per month for pre-configured VPS's or 1.4¢ per hour plus bandwidth for our on-demand service. On our on-demand service you pay by the hour, so it's really easy and affordable to spin up new cloud servers when you need the additional cloud computing power for production, testing or development. Then simply remove it when you're done.

SolarCloud Load Balancing

AISO's SolarCloud Load Balancers allow you to quickly load balance multiple cloud servers for optimal resource utilization, balancing requests between pools of virtual servers as well as cluster autoscaling. This is included free in our On-Demand plan.

SolarCloud Automatic VM Scaling

VM Autoscaling for Linux VMs automatically increases the RAM, CPU and disk size of a particular virtual machine as needed. This is included free in our On-Demand plan.

SolarCloud Mix 'n Matching

To accommodate traffic spikes, development & test needs, and other variables, you can mix AISO's Dedicated Servers, Co-Location and SolarCloud servers seamlessly together.

Let Us Manage Your SolarCloud Servers For You

For an additional fee, you can also enjoy a level of managed service provided by AISO. This way you can manage your business, while we manage your cloud. SolarCloud servers with a managed service level is ideal for any business or IT department that needs the on-demand availability, flexibility, and scalability of cloud computing, but doesn't have the in-house resources to manage it directly.


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Tripartite Escrow Company selected AISO, because we needed a partner that could handle all our web site needs in house and had strong customer service, programming and marketing skills. Now it has been 6 years it has been a great experience.We are very pleased with the results of AISO efforts and will gladly recommend their work to any company that wants to launch their Web presence. They are number ONE!
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