Green Hosting Testimonials

"In the eight years I've been doing business with AISO, you have never failed to promptly and professionally solve any problems or questions I've had. Compared to other service-oriented companies, the people at AISO truly understand the value of customer service.

Again, just let me say "Thanks!" to you and all of the staff at AISO for doing such an outstanding job."


- Ken

"Ok, so we have not tested every technical support in the entire universe. But we would still be inclined to say that the crew at AISO are the best on Earth. So why would we say that? Real help from real people. It is not just that they are totally eco or the fact that their whole operation is solar powered, but that you get help from people with names who actually read your emails and come to your rescue. Not to say that anything would ever go wrong with something as deep and technical as web hosting, oh no, but should there ever be any little problem, you know someone is there to back you up and dig you out. And the hosting? Well, it is as REAL as going organic, eco and green with a totally aligned human touch..."


- Steven and Abby

"AISO is a 21st century company with traditional business values like reliability, integrity and personal connection. Every time there has been a crisis, they have kept their cool, remained supportive and resolved the issue magically. AISO has grown over the five years we have done business, yet they never loose there personal connection."


- Mosa

"Hey AISO team, and Phil who has handled my requests and calls :) Just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know I am impressed with your services and commitment to an environmentally friendly data center. I regularly refer my clients over to you for your hosting services and tell them how great my experience has been with AISO (not to mention that AISO is the real deal when it comes to GREEN services). And so, this is just a little note to say: thanks for being so great at what you do."


- Celia

"AISO a partner in our success: In 1998 I came to the realization that if I was going to out my Recording Studio as being state of the art and gain worldwide advertising for our business, I was going to have to have a decent presence on the web. So I started shopping for good web hosts. Now realize I new audio but web-site authoring are you kidding, scary terrain even for a crazy like me? After several discussions with people who were in a bigger hurry to sign me up than walk me through it, I lucked upon Phil Nail at AISO. He was so patient and understanding right from the start I felt I had found the company I was looking for people as interested in my success as myself. Now 6 trouble-free years later here I am talking about a company I never think about but is always there and willing to help if need be. What can you say about a company who makes it a pleasure to author and maintain a web site? As we have grown they have been there every step of the way. Now as we embark on yet another leap forward I have to say : Thanks for being there hen I needed you Phil and all the fine staff @ Affordable Internet Services. You are the BEST!"


- KC

"In 1999 I put up eleven web sites and had eleven hosts (my own take on "redundancy system"), but it became quickly apparent that everything I needed (e.g., dependability, affordability, customer service) would only be provided by AISO. I moved all my sites to AISO and have recommended them repeatedly. No problems, peace of mind, and no more need for a web site monitoring service."


- Lynda

"I have had hosting my web site and handling my e-mail for two years now. I have had no problems in two years. Tech support is amazing. They respond within minutes. It is absolutely the best tech support I have ever experienced. Reliable service, great tech support and reasonable pricing; what more could you ask for?"


- Jim

"Working with AISO for the past 4 years has been a great experience. Compared to other web hosting providers, AISO has always provided fast and personable service - two rare commodities these days. Moreover, it is wonderful to know that AISO services operate on solar power. And, oh yes by the way, our websites have been reliably up and running virtually all of the time."


- Mike

"Tahoe Design Software needed a dependable, 24/7 website where our customers can download our software worldwide. I was sold on the features that AISO offered and have been extremely please with the support that they have provided. I know I can depend on Phil and the crew at AISO to keep us up and running non-stop and provide new features as our company has expanded!"


- Brian

"I don't think there has ever been a time that I have ever not been able to reach someone on the phone. I can't tell you how great that is to get a live person on the phone and get answers to very important questions. I say important because our website is our livelihood. We are receiving between 200,000 to 300,000 thousand hits a month and on a average of 600 to 700 visitors a day. I can't remember the last time our site has been down. If it is ever was down over the last six years I can't remember when. I have had opportunity to change servers but I have no intentions of ever doing so. I guess it is similar to our business that you really get a person or persons that care about the business rather than just an employee."


- Jeff

"To an avid hiker and amateur botanist, environmental responsibility is priority # 1. Fortunately, my employer feels the same way. So when the boss asked me to locate Windows ASP-enabled web hosting, I (half-jokingly) announced that we'd accept nothing short of a solar-powered server. To my amazement, an ad in the Green Pages offered exactly that! We've been very happy with's green hosting, and on those rare instances when a call is warranted; we just pick up the phone and dial a real human being. AISO is a top shelf operation and we're lucky to have found them."


- Mike

"In 1998, I decided to launch a small website to foster communication with family and friends. I chose AISO to host my site because they were friendly, professional, and their prices were excellent. Six years later, I still believe they are the best web hosting option available. The site runs beautifully. In my six years, my website has rarely experienced any "down-time," and when it has occurred, it has usually been tied to the implementation of service improvements. The support is unmatched. Time and again, my questions have been answered without hesitation, and my problems (which are generally self-induced) have been solved. And the staff are friendly and sincere. Phil, Sherry, and everyone else with whom I have conducted business has always been patient, kind, and personable. As an attorney and business person, I interact with hundreds of companies, and it is extremely rare that I have encountered an entity that is as well-run as AISO."


- Aaron

"I have worked as a web developer and consultant for twelve years. AISO provides the best hosting support of any of the ten or so providers I have worked with. I initially moved my own site to AISO for their solar power and quickly learned that they are different. They respond quickly, are very willing to discuss and resolve technical problems beyond my expectations, and even answer the phone. Their service is personal, which I think is the highest compliment for any company today."


- Sean

"3D Tek has been with for over 3 years. The green hosting service they have provided 3D Tek is excellent. You can count on AISO getting done what they say they will do and keeping your site up and running. 3D Tek continues to use AISO and recommends it to all our clients."


- Emil

"Tripartite Escrow Company selected AISO, because we needed a partner that could handle all our web site needs in house and had strong customer service, programming and marketing skills. Now it has been 6 years it has been a great experience.We are very pleased with the results of AISO efforts and will gladly recommend their work to any company that wants to launch their Web presence. They are number ONE!"


- Abel

"It's hard to believe a company like exists! After dealing with big companies with no service, AISO brings a refreshing change to business. They combine prized customer service with fantastic and broad technology capabilities. In other words, they offer what the big boys offer with a down-home, country courtesy. AISO is the best deal on the internet! (For the environmentalists - can't beat the solar power either)."


- Andrea

"I found Affordable Internet Service about 4 years ago when I was looking for a "Green" web host. Found them through and was super excited to support this company. Since then they have been nothing short of AMAZING!!!! Their service is personable and like a small family of professionals that love what they do. The support team is phenomenal!! I've never worked with any other internet company that was willing to help with ANY support problems. If and when my site has gone down, even with user error, they are on top of getting it back up and running in no time. I am beyond thankful that I've found and I recommend them to everyone, business and personal sites alike. They offer a unique and personal service that trumps every internet service provider out there."


- Shawnna

"We switched to AISO as we were looking for a green hosting provider with excellent environmental credentials - and since joining we have been so impressed with the friendly and personal service given every time we've had a question or needed technical support. In these days of large faceless corporations where you're either put on hold for hours on end or sent stock reply emails that don't answer your original question, it's priceless to be able to deal with a real person who understands your needs."


- Nicky

"AISO.NET tech support ... How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... No really, in all seriousness the tech support is fantastic. When problems come up they are always fast to reply and address my problem, even on the weekend. I don't feel like a number. Phil and the entire team are just so friendly, helpful and patient."


- Alicia

"I have been with for about 3 years; I am the race director for a triathlon and I do almost 100% of my communication with racers online. In the last 3 years there has been ZERO down-time; what more can you ask for? I don't know much about server technology/etc. but Phil and crew have been more than helpful whenever I call them with questions. These guys are great."


- Jared

"I've been using Affordable Internet services for more than 6 years, have 4 revenue generating sites with them, and am still with them! Why? They continually provide great PERSONAL service that is very hard to find in today's world of email based customer service. Anytime I need something, have a problem or question, AISO is there, on the phone without a wait to help me out. These folks have both great prices and real people you can talk to. What a service!"


- Jud

"We switched to AISO as we were looking for a hosting provider with excellent environmental credentials - and since joining we have been so impressed with the friendly and personal service given every time we've had a question or needed technical support. In these days of large faceless corporations where you're either put on hold for hours on end or sent stock reply emails that don't answer your original question, it's priceless to be able to deal with a real person who understands your needs."


- Nicky

"Everyone at AISO is always there to personally assist me. No matter what, they make time to insure my needs are met. After hosting with other "major" services, I see the value that AISO delivers, and would never go back."


- John

"AISO is on top of the game when it comes to providing a professional relationship with web design companies and web hosting clients. I have personally experienced the ease and enjoyment of working with the staff of for the past 5 years. Any time I was in need of assistance I was given timely help via phone or email. AISO is a company that prides itself in taking care of their clients on a personal basis. My emails are answered in a very timely fashion. More amazing, is that when I place a phone call I am able to talk to a person, not an answering machine. Phil Nail and his team is top notch in my book. Two Thumbs Up!"


- Doug

"I have been an AISO customer since 1997 and, during that time, I have recommended to many friends and associates. During working hours, AISO's highly qualified technical support is only a phone call away - unlike some (many!) other ISPs that answer their phone with an answering machine and may never call back. AISO is a family owned business, and their customers are treated like members of their family. AISO's system is fast, reasonably priced, and possibly due to the fact that it solar powered, in my experience, never down. I feel very fortunate to have had my Websites hosted by!"


- Bob Jellison

"This green hosting service should be called "affordable, reliable and friendly" hosting services. I've been a designer for many years but planted roots years ago when I found I have all of my clients hosted with AISO and find that they put the word "customer" back into "customer service." When I can pick up the phone and be guaranteed that I will be able to speak with a "real" person and have my questions answered, I find that is what makes a hosting service surface to the top. AISO has been able to mainstream into the future but kept the important part of the past, and that is customer relations. Thanks AISO for the great years of service!"


- Joni

" has been a great help to my company. They have always been there to answer any questions that I have as well as well as offering the best hosting price out there for the quality of service. For me that is important because I am a web designer and my clients count on me to offer them great service at a good price. That is what AISO does. Their up time has been phenomenal and their customer service is second to none. All of my clients are on one of AISO's green hosting plans. I wouldn't go anywhere else."


- Dennis

"I switched to AISO because my website had been hacked over and over again with another provider. The other provider kept trying to blame me, saying that someone must be getting the password and so on from my machine.

As soon as I signed up with AISO, the problem stopped. They found the problem right away. It has been a couple of years now, and my site is always up. As well, the folks at AISO were very helpful in transferring the files from my old server and so on. I highly reccomend the support and service of AISO. And it's solar powered too!"


- Jonathan

"I couldn't be happier with AISO as my web hosting company. In this day and age, it's nice to know that someone still cares enough to answer the phone and help out anyway they can. If I didn't know better I would have thought AISO to be located in Mayberry, NC because of their personal attention (they know me by name!), dedication and true customer service. Thanks AISO!"


- Evan

" provides the best customer service. They are always polite on the phone. I have sophisticated requirements and when problems come up (which happens in the tech world!) we always work through them in a timely fashion. I have been with for years and have recently moved from shared hosting to a dedicated server."


- Steve

"I had used other companies for web hosting and was pulling my hair out at the lack of response. It was so poor that the image of the company I worked so hard to build was at risk. Then I found AISO. What an immediate difference! The customer service is always immediate and accurate. Issues are rare and usually on someone else's end, but they never fail to look into for me and advise me properly. On the rare instance it is a problem on my end it is addressed and fixed immediately! For that matter, I am not aware of a time when my website has ever been down and my email has been running smoothly since we came on board. Thank you AISO for remembering what customer service is all about!"


- Jodi

"Thank you for all the support you have given me over the years that I have been a reseller for you. I wouldn't have been able to do it without your guidance. Your staff has always come through in the clutch and I've asked you to pull some pretty incredible stuff off. I appreciate the constant evolution of your company as it keeps up with technology and gives me the edge that I need to compete with the larger companies. Keep up the excellent performance; we resellers truly appreciate what you are doing for us. Thank you again AISO."


- Rick

"I am so INCREDIBLY impressed by your responsiveness and your willingness to go above and beyond for us, on previous tickets as well as here. I've used several other hosting firms and you guys are BY FAR the best I have ever interacted with. I really appreciate everything you're doing for us and you can rest assured that Jennifer and I will sing your praises to the sky... and going forward I will be moving all my other hosting to you as it comes up for renewal. Your continued help with everything we've asked for is... well, it's maybe unprofessional to say, but you have helped me to sleep better at night and lowered my stress level. Given the headaches I've gone through, just with hosting and domain name transfers, over the past year, I want you all to know how much it means to me that you are providing such a level of service to us. I don't think that it's something that you can pay for, the kind of care and attention you've given us. Thank you from the bottom of my neophyte-programmer and fledgling-businesswoman heart."


- D'nelle

"Dear Reader,
These are words of appreciation for Affordable Internet Services Online, Inc., of which I've been a member since 1999. One of the features I love about the service is that unlike other web host, I can pick up the phone and call free of charge and get prompt answers to technical concerns on a consistent basis from bery nice people on the other end. In the 5 years I've been with AISO I can only remember once that the service was down, which in my opinion is an excellent track record. Keep up the Great Work!!"


- Franklin

"After six months with a account I decided I wanted to be at my own domain. Since the topic of the Evangelical Ecologist is Christian ecology, I hunted around for environmentally-friendly green web hosting, and found AISO. What caught my attention first was the solar-powered web servers and the great prices. What has kept me around has been the terrific service from Phil and the staff. Got gobs of help publishing my site, first through Blogger, and then (again with tons of help from AISO) using WordPress software loaded on my hosted domain. Can't say enough good things about these folks. If you're looking to get your website off the grid (and you really should), you owe it to yourself to commit your hosting needs to AISO."


- Don

"If you're looking for excellent customer service and a responsive support team, then I suggest AISO.NET for all your website needs. They handle all the details, troubleshoot and correct any problems, and make the process worry free. Most importantly, in today's large corporate structure, it's exceptional to be able to actually talk with a real live person to discuss a problem or simply ask questions. And their pricing is second to none! I trust the folks at AISO.NET - they offer professional service with a personal touch, and the people are truly great to work with!"


- Steve

"I have been with AISO for approximately three years and have no complaints. I like the way they jump on things and keep my site running smoothly at a very fair price. A downed site is money out of my pocket. It's good to work with people who understand and appreciate that. Keep it up guys!"


- Isaias

"You know, it's nice to have some things in life that you just don't need to think about. Your line is classic, "There is nothing we ever need to do." I am at website statistic peace now, thank you!

Stay Green!"


- Craig

"Looking for a Webmaster to create my website wasn't easy, I got the run around like you wouldn't beleive for 2yrs. Then out of the blue Comedian Darren Carter from Comic Veiw ( BET ) showed me his site and I was sold on AISO. My website has never been down anymore and they always keep my site updated & running. So to AISO Thank You I have found a home, Showcase My Talent is running smooth!"


- Tom

"These guys are great - when something goes wrong - they are on to it - we love working with them - first name terms - high tech "state of the art" setup with a down to earth - feet on the ground feel - absolutely fantastic!"


- European Yoga Network

"AISO has given me excellent service for years, and I'm a very demanding client. It's the best darned hosting service, and I've tried plenty."


- Lani

"I've been an AISO customer for 4 years now, and in that time I've received excellent service. They've provided the products and support that they promised, and any time I've contacted tech support, I've received a reply right away.

The people at AISO are very knowledgeable and (just as important) very friendly. It's a combination you don't find often these days. One quality can't make up for a lack of the other, so when you find a company that has both, you stick with them!

Thanks for the wonderful service and support!"


- Bill

"Eco Gift, Inc. chose Affordable Internet Services Online (AISO) because we wanted to go with a company that demonstrated conscious business practices and concern for the environment. Little did we know that this company would be staffed by people who ALWAYS PICK UP THE PHONE and address my specific business issues on the fly. Being a small business owner myself, I know what has to go into customer service to be able to claim that you will always be there for your customers. AISO delivers that claim and backs it up with their presence."


- Tommy

"Cheers to you and the rest of the AISO team! I've used other hosting providers in the past, and they cannot come close to the level of service and reliability that you provide. I've been a customer going on my first year, and have had 100% uptime. This of course is very hard to come by, and I feel lucky to have discovered your company. In addition your staff is always extremely friendly and helpful when I have questions.

Your reliance on green energy to power your facility and server systems was also a big selling point for me, and I'm happy to say that you haven't disappointed. I'll continue to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for the best hosting service out there, because I know you will exceed they're expectations. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!"


- Chris

"AISO provides something that any smart business needs hold onto like grim death; a technically adept company with million dollar web capabilities, insiders market knowledge, intimate customer service and speed, and the best prices you can find. If you've found them consider yourself to have hit the e-commerce lottery."


- Karl

"I have moved from a good friends web hosting company to a 100% solar powered eco-friendly green web hosting company. The move went pretty flawlessly there has been quite a bit of learning to function with out certain geeky tools like shell access which I was accustomed to and now no longer have, but I'm coping and learning to get over that quickly. has offered amazing support to me as I've ran into a few kinks with there system of doing things. Much to my surprise every time I've called I've been greeted cheerfully by the front office and have been assisted quickly by the CEO of Phil Nail. I'm ecstatic to be with this company for its earth friendly way of operating and it's amazing customer service to boost. I highly suggest for any of you eco-friendly webmasters or bloggers out there."


- The EcoInsomniac

"As a web designer who manages many sites, I have found AISO to be easy, efficient, and affordable. Beyond that, I am delighted with the highly personalized service and resolution of the occasional technical glitch or challenge on my end. Truly, Phil and his team have made me feel that my business matters and I know there is a real person on the other end of the line, not just a customerservi-bot. Thanks for everything. I'm so glad I found AISO and so are my clients!"


- Elizabeth

"Affordable Online Services Online, AISO, might as well call themselves Always Interested in Other's Success. At least that's the impression I get from the way they have handled my account for the past several years. No request is too big or too small for their immediate attention. They're as dedicated to my company's success as I am. In short, they do everything humanly possible to make certain that my websites are up and running 24-7-365. Prior to finding AISO (recommended to me by a trusted colleague), I dealt with some of the largest hosting companies around. I always felt that my requests for service was an imposition and they tried to give me the impression that it needed to take hours if not days to get anything accomplished. Unless you are ready to get spoiled by prompt, personal, and professional service, don't place your account in the capable hands at AISO. If you want to put real service back in customer service, then there's only one obvious choice: AISO, the Amazing Instant Service Organization!"


- Beverly

"Speaking with the people at is like laughing with old friends and that is one of the main reasons why I picked them host my website!! Good vibes, green company, helpful and very available people. I LOVE They set the example of corporate sustainability by using solar panels vs. energy credits. Thank you!"


- Rana Lee Araneta

"You are on the BALL!!! just running away with it. I appreciate your work and your brothers as well, not to mention your mothers and fathers, it's nice to see a family working together the way AISO performs."


- Kyle

"Thank you so much for the support and explanations when I get tech support from AISO. Your customer service is really helpful for front-end web designers/producers like me. Your customer service is why I recommend to my client's instead of other sustainable green web hosting companies."


- Angela

"Our website host, AISO (Affordable Internet Services On-line), is powered by their own photovoltaic array; a distributed, off-the-grid, electrical generation system. We applaud their commitment to using non-polluting sustainable energy in their business."


- Mike

"Affordable Internet Services Online is excellent! As a satisfied customer for many years, I recommend this Website Hosting Company! Their rates are very reasonable whereas other companies may try to gouge you! First, they do make it possible for a company to post their website at an AFFORDABLE cost! Second, their green hosting quality is tops and with excellent personal services too! More... They offer much more including spam and virus control to preserve websites vulnerability! Phil and staff do a great job! I highly recommend AISO!"


- Jon

"My experience with has been great! The support staff treats me like I am their only client. AISO has always been supportive of my needs in the web business. Up-time has been very good and response time to problems is excellent. I am not sure how they manage to treat every client like they are their only client, but somehow they give you that impression. I highly recommend AISO as your partner in your web/internet business."


- Rick

"We were struggling with an Internet Service Provider when a friend referred us to As a startup technology firm, we didn't want to waste a lot of time on infrastructure issues. Simply put, we are delighted with the quality of AISO's service, support and knowledge. The transition to AISO was smooth and problem free. Additional service and support issues are handled quickly and competently. As an added bonus, both Phil and Sherry are very easy to work with. All-in-all, I would make the switch again and I recommend to anyone looking for a great ISP."


- Ray

"AISO has provided reliable green web hosting for my sites for close to five years now. Their customer service is exemplary, their response time virtually immediate. If you're looking for reliability and stability, you're found it. AISO will take care of you."


- Chris

"Becoming an AISO customer has truly been an inspiration for me. My work is focused on developing web applications that promote clean technology and protect the environment. For several years, I've worked in this capacity on various projects for the UN. As much as I value that experience, there's nothing like walking the talk: actually demonstrating the present-day practicality of clean energy to power a critical server infrastructure. AISO enables me to do that, and they also demonstrate a terrific service ethic that is so needed today. I am very grateful to have found AISO and plan to enhance my dedicated server capacity there as my business evolves."


- Stephen

"I have been a client of AISO since 2000. At that time I worked for a Medical Equipment Company. AISO came in and took charge of setting up our Websites, Servers, Networking our Computers and all other IT tasks that we needed help with (which was a ton)! Now I am a small business owner and have been in business now for 6 years. AISO has been my internet provider plus my hands on tech support when I have a computer problem. Phil and his staff are very personable and make you feel like their number one client no matter what the need might be. AISO has surpassed others in taking the initiative to make their business have an impact on our Environment by making it an ECO friendly Company. Thanks AISO… Phil and Staff for everything I am looking forward to another 10 years!"


- Shannon Sunseri

"When our company made the switch from another ISP to AISO a number of years ago it was largely due to a communication problem with the previous provider. Not only has AISO offered expert assistance in resolving difficulties within our system, they are available to help just as his literature states: 24/7! Their friendly service has been greatly appreciated! I'm glad we made the switch. I heartily recommend AISO to anyone looking for an ISP that is not afraid to communicate with their customers!"


- Steve

"Two important reasons why we are customers.

One, We really like the Solar Energy part of the business. It's nice to know a renewable resource is being used.

Two, we have been customers for 7 years and when we need help we get help. We get to talk to a live well trained tech person from AISO who has always fixed any problem even when it is a problem caused by our software.

For anyone who has spent frustrating hours with an out-sourced tech person with very limited computer knowledge who only knows several general "fix" procedures you'll appreciate AISO knowledgeable tech support that can diagnosis any problem.

Dependability, Good Customer Service, Price, and a comfort level knowing we can will always be online and performing at maximum efficiency with AISO are the reason we are customers."


- Brian

"AISO has provided all our green hosting needs since 1999. We can't say enough about the dependability and reliability AISO has consistently provided along with friendly prompt service."


- Kathy

"AISO has been my Internet provider and has also hosted my web site for many years. Their Technical Support is excellent and they respond promptly to any questions or requests I have. Their staff has always been courteous and efficient. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a need for the services they provide me."


- Linda

"When I started designing websites, I started using a "discount" web hosting company. I would run into issues or questions and send them an email (they had no phone number on their site) for support. My question would be two or three paragraphs long and I would get a three or four word answer back with no clear resolve to my question or problem.

So I set out to find a service with good support, no matter the cost. I searched the web and came across AISO, looked at their site and saw that their prices were not that much different than where I was coming from and they had a phone number on there website, in plain view!!!!

I called, expecting to get a machine, and the phone was answered in two rings. Since that day, now 4 or 5 years later, I have been a loyal customer of AISO. I now have multiple websites with them and recommend them, with confidence, to all those that ask and all those that don't.

I can not stress enough the level of service and support that I have received from AISO. They are always improving on what is already a great service.

Thank you Phil, Sherry, and the rest of the staff for doing an outstanding job!"


- Michael

"As a designer/developer in the internet world it's all too easy to be fooled by ISPs claiming to provide an abundance of features that in turn can't be supported when the need arises. After an exhaustive search I feel I have truly found an internet service provider that can support all technical aspects of my project needs. The level of support provided by AISO is unbelievable, no more waiting on hold, no more downtime, and no more frustrations. Since I moved to AISO I'm no longer just an account number."


- Nathan

"This can be my new testimonial :): Within one and half weeks I have my site running very well with all the right coding and scripting in places!!! Because of the quick responses and very knowladgable staffs of AISO.NET :)!!!

...well, I spent the first two weeks with the other hosting guys and went nowhere! basically wasting my time waiting on the phone for 6 to 15 minutes before some kind of 'frontdesk' type guy, who without any webtech knowledge, answering my needing "tech support" call I cut the relationship short!


This is my story: After creating my first website in 2000, I was looking for a reliable web hosting. There were so many services out there. Because of my lack of knowledge about web related things at that time, it made it hard for me to decide. But then a friend referred to me with , of course, very good comments about it's services. So with no doubt I gave a call. Patiently, they explained their services and everything I need to know to have my site up correctly and fast. As they promised, within less than a day, I had my site running smooth. Every time I have web related problems, I will seek for 'enlightenment,' by calling AISO! Their customer services is excellent, as always! Warm and friendly, they always answer all my questions. So I feel kind of obligated to refer to friends and others, who are looking for a Friendly, Reliable and Affordable an environmentally conscious web services!"


- Ping

"I was just talking with a friend about how I got started in my business and I thought of how lucky I was to find AISO back in 2001. As I begin my 7th year as sole-proprietor of Studiotwentytwo, I cannot ignore the fact that I would not be where I am now without You encouraged me to get started as a reseller even though I lacked confidence, and I have benefited immensely from your services for the past 6 years. You guys are great - I feel like we're old friends and things wouldn't be the same without Phil and Sherry and"


- Cassi

"What made me chose AISO is solar power. I was working on solar cell research for several years, and I am convinced that this technology has a future. The best way of convincing other people of its potential is to use it and to show its reliability. I guess web hosting is an application where customers are very demanding about 24 hour availability, and providing it, even guaranteeing it, is a rigorous proof for the technology. I see my site up and running all year round, I think you are doing a great job."


- Franz

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In 2006, it took 17 million barrels of oil to produce plastic bottles, this is enough to run over 1 million cars for one year. Bottling this water produced more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide.
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