Support Methodology has designed a reliable green hosting solution that should not require 24/7 support. Any emergencies are addressed immediately no matter what day or time but our sales and support staff is here from 8AM to 5PM Pacific Time.


Support Staff
With a hand picked team of engineers and technicians who don't know the words "can't be done", we empower our support staff so when you need support you get a knowledgeable friendly person who can solve your issues the first time. Our support staff is available by e-mail, live chat and phone. We recommend e-mailing us for any issues you may have for the quickest response. This allows your issue to be tracked and resolved by any of our support personal.


Network Monitoring
We run redundant monitoring servers that monitor each piece of equipment on our green network. Our monitoring is so advanced it will notify our support staff if there is any issues with our switches, routers, servers, bandwidth, etc. so we can proactively handle potential problems. This type of proactive monitoring ensures our clients the most possible uptime available.

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Five recycled soft drink bottles make enough fiberfill for a man's ski jacket. Thirty-six recycled bottles can make one square yard of carpet.
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I have had hosting my web site and handling my e-mail for two years now. I have had no problems in two years. Tech support is amazing. They respond within minutes. It is absolutely the best tech support I have ever experienced. Reliable service, great tech support and reasonable pricing; what more could you ask for?
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