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AISO has been a trusted name in environmentally friendly green web hosting since 1997. We were featured in Inc. Magazines’ Top 50 Green Companies and were the first public data center member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). AISO has over 16 years of providing high quality, affordable web site hosting. Your web site will utilize only the best server hardware, the most dependable network providers and the most up to date software available anywhere on the Internet. In addition AISO owns and operates its own green data center and network that is powered by solar panels, not energy credits, so your web site is powered by clean energy generated on-site.


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Since 1997, AISO has been a stable, profitable, debt-free, corporation. We are growing an average of twenty percent per year and expect this trend to increase over the upcoming years.

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Mowing the lawn with a gasoline powered mower for half an hour can produce as much smog as driving a new car 172 miles.
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This can be my new testimonial :): Within one and half weeks I have my site running very well with all the right coding and scripting in places!!! Because of the quick responses and very knowladgable staffs of AISO.NET :)!!!

...well, I spent the first two weeks with the other hosting guys and went nowhere! basically wasting my time waiting on the phone for 6 to 15 minutes before some kind of 'frontdesk' type guy, who without any webtech knowledge, answering my needing "tech support"...
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